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    20 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Artificial Intelligence

    20 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Artificial Intelligence

    20 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Artificial Intelligence

    Posted by Tech.us Category: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

    Do you find yourself interested in Artificial Intelligence? Perhaps you find Machine Learning to be a useful addition to your skillset? Whatever your reason may be, finding online resources for these relevant topics is not difficult.

    Beginner and advanced learning materials are now easily within reach. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. From books and video courses to online classes—this list has you covered. Find the best resources for yourself through these options.


    Undeniably this site has become a favorite amongst individuals searching for any kind of tutorial under the sun. Instructional videos like cooking shows, DIYs, interior design tips, language lessons, and even tech-related education like AI basics are shared on this platform.

    2. Coursera

    This educational hub offers a large selection of courses. Many of which are available free of charge, while some can be available for a minimum fee.

    Many of the lessons found on this website are offered by well-known universities and colleges all over the globe. You can proudly show off a certification from top US schools offering courses on AI or Machine Learning.

    3. Podcasts

    A podcast is a series of audio files uploaded as episodes. These recordings are available for subscription, with each episode tackling a different subtopic under the main one.

    Some podcasts are purely for entertainment purposes. At the same time, a large chunk of them tackle a range of courses. Although language tops the list of highly followed podcasts, tech schooling follows close behind.

    4. Social Media Platforms

    Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the most well-loved social media sites. Just about anybody has an account on one of these websites. The great thing about social media networks is the amount of free information shared, reshared, and saved by countless users across the globe daily.

    Due to these platforms’ broad reach, there are multiple ways for you to gather AI information. The best part? It’s usually for free.

    5. Udemy

    Another famous American online course provider, Udemy, has courses aimed towards professional individuals. Much of the classes offered on this website focus on numerous tech-related certificate training.

    6. Reddit

    This popular content sharing website has many categories and subcategories where fans, noobs, and experts can voice their thoughts and trade useful info on many topics. One commonly discussed concept is machine learning.

    7. Blogs

    Way before YouTube videos blew up on the internet, a lot of tech-savvy users utilized blogs as a means to share entertaining and educational info. Blogs were initially designed as an online diary.

    Eventually, they became a short-form version of a personal website sans the complicated bells and whistles. Now, it’s easy to find a blog dedicated to sharing useful tricks to learning how to use Artificial Intelligence properly.

    8. Ebooks

    Ebooks are the digital textbooks of this century. They typically contain an extensive amount of information on a subject matter. If you are searching for online research to help you fully understand Artificial Intelligence, an ebook might be the way to go.

    9. Skillshare

    This online learning community is your best bet for multiple educational videos. Unlike other learning sites, the subscription-based videos on Skillshare aren’t, however, accredited.

    Nonetheless, there’s a lot of foundational resources you can find on Machine Learning. Learners are provided with lectures and must be able to complete assignments along the way.

    10. MIT: Deep Learning

    Classes cover the usage of MIT DeepTraffic simulators. This inclusion will challenge you to program a car simulator to drive as fast as possible on a busy road without colliding with others.

    11. Nvidia

    Aside from technical basics, the lessons cover the correct way to identify problems or situations to benefit machine learning capable applications. This well-known GPU manufacturer covers information dissemination of high powered graphical engines previously aimed at computer vision applications.

    12. Android And iOS Apps

    Learn some basics by downloading apps on your mobile device. Both the iOS and Android app stores carry a range of applications you can simply download and run. Each application contains varying types of learning materials.

    Some offer basic lessons on AI, while other game apps teach Artificial Intelligence through play.

    13. Columbia University: Machine Learning

    Columbia University offers a free-for-everyone online lesson with a pay-for-certification option for anyone who may need it. Columbia promises to teach students applications and methods that can help solve real-world issues. Both supervised and unsupervised learning will be implemented.

    14. GeekForge

    Sign up for daily emails that offer both AI and Machine Learning discussions. Use these to solve tasks through community deliberation or through independent study.

    15. Stanford University: Machine Learning

    A fully online free course, the machine learning course is taught by Andrew Ng-co-founder of Google’s deep learning research unit.

    Paid alternatives of the same coursework come with complete certification, which can be useful if you intend to utilize your AI knowledge to boost your career goals.

    16. Google AI

    This program is designed for individuals who have no prior coursework on Artificial Intelligence. Google launched it as a resource to help users like yourself to better understand AI. New data is continually being added.

    Currently, it does contain a crash course on Machine Learning with TensorFlow.

    17. EdX: Artificial Intelligence

    Understand and apply AI fundamentals with the edX course. Students are encouraged to design, solve, research, and discuss through this program.

    18. Google: Machine Learning

    For a slightly more in-depth course, learners will find some Udacity via Google. The course is best taken by those who aren’t complete novices. Those who opt to take part in it are presumed to have some prior Machine Learning experience.

    At the very least, learners are expected to have a bit of familiarity with supervised learning techniques.

    19. Amazon

    You can find the most up-to-date and comprehensive introductory books about AI on Amazon. “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” is one such example where readers are introduced to theories and practices.

    20. Grokking Deep Learning In Motion

    A new addition in live video courses takes viewers on a journey into understanding the amazing universe of deep learning. Regardless of experience, this video covers everything from the basics to tips and tricks that can improve your AI coding skills.


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