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    7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Artificial Intelligence

    7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Artificial Intelligence

    7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Artificial Intelligence

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the stuff of fiction decades ago, but each day more and more business leaders are gaining access to this technology. It is a branch of computer science in which machines exhibit almost human traits and intelligence.

    AI rely on algorithms designed to let them think rationally and make decisions using stored data that they acquire from what is known as “machine learning.” They can have multiple sources, like stored data, new input, sensors, and different information from actual human responses.

    How Your Business Can Use AI

    Many businesses have invested in Artificial Intelligence to gain a leg up on their competitors. This move helps generate data, reports, and exchange insights in a cost-efficient way within the company. Data collected would help develop further plans to grow revenue, with an enhanced customer service experience.

    With AI, businesses are no longer forced to hire more personnel while enhancing many aspects of the company at the same time. This doesn’t mean that once you introduce AI into your company, you have to fire employees. AI can help out with menial or repetitive tasks, allowing your employees to focus and enhance their productivity.

    What Are The Common Mistakes Made With AI?

    Businesses who have embraced the idea of implementing AI to score higher in customer satisfaction and benefit from increased profits. But some businesses are drastically failing when it comes to AI.

    Here are seven of the biggest mistakes businesses make when they invest in Artificial Intelligence Technology.

    1. Using AI Without Knowledge

    Jumping in blind to new technology is one of the most common mistakes that a business can make, and it can do significant damage to your company.

    Some consider this technology to be a trap because getting into AI is one way for businesses to get ahead. But pushing forward simply for the sake of being modern without actual awareness or the help of professional data scientists can lead to disaster.

    2. AI Washing

    The data analytics that most organizations utilize today are not necessarily AI, but are being regarded as such by businesses. This is a piece of the mistake of not understanding enough about artificial intelligence and how it operates with its algorithms.

    As described above, AI learns using a method of “machine learning” to think more like a human being. This is not the case with platforms for data analytics.

    3. Getting On Board Too Early

    Artificial Intelligence provides business leaders with many high expectations, which attracts them to invest in it without fully understanding how to implement or utilize it successfully. Not every organization will profit from using AI.

    To determine if you’re going to need this solution or not, it is best to fully understand your needs and do some thorough research into the options available to you. Jumping on the first AI solution you find is risky. Before making a final decision, make sure to consider if this solution is actually a good fit for your business.

    4. Data Supplying Mistakes

    Even if you know your cases and how AI can help your business, getting the machines to understand what they need to learn is still challenging.

    Not understanding its algorithms will cause you and your organization a lot of problems. It may do more damage than good if you can’t figure out how to properly utilize the technology. Sufficient, quality data is essential to help your AI solution get accurate results.

    5. Organizational Boundaries

    Often, within organizations, the free exchange of data is not easy. Departments create silos or limits that can be a major problem for AI machine learning.

    If that is the case with your business, it is better to prepare solutions for how data integration can get AI to function. Note that continuous feedback and data input from all parties concerned is required for machine learning.

    6. Infrastructure

    This one is critical. Far too many companies have had to find out the hard way that their system architecture doesn’t work with AI applications. The AI engine can generate substandard results if a company only runs some AI algorithms on top of a framework without having the right data available.


    7. Unrealistic Expectations

    One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is expect too much from AI. These are not magic machines that will grant every wish you make of them. AI is typically tailored to very specific needs within your company. There is no such thing as “universal” AI that can do all or solve every problem.

    On broader analysis, the successful use of machine learning in business includes understanding machine learning, becoming familiar with validated AI technologies, and predicting the problems that may arise in the future.


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