Finding the right software developers and technology experts has become harder, especially for entrepreneurs and small to medium size businesses. Companies constantly struggle to fill their tech positions with the right people at the right time. Result? They fail to complete their projects and miss out on lucrative business opportunities. On the other hand, recruiting internal employees is hectic, expensive and time consuming. Haphazardly recruiting incompetent employees due to lack of right talent can cause even more problems to businesses. Cost of a bad hire can be up to $240,000+ not to mention severance packages. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    • Time to Start Project
    • Reliability
    • Scalability
    • Quality
    • Risk
    • Overhead Costs
    • Recruitment Costs
    • Employee Benefits Costs
    • Full-Stack Team


    • Time to Start Project0 - 2 Weeks
    • ReliabilityHigh
    • ScalabilityHigh
    • QualityHigh
    • RiskLow
    • Overhead Costs$0
    • Recruitment Costs$0
    • Employee Benefits Costs$0
    • Full-Stack TeamYes


    • Time to Start Project1 - 6 Months
    • ReliabilityMedium
    • ScalabilityMay Be
    • QualityMay Be
    • RiskMedium
    • Overhead Costs$10,000 to $40,000
    • Recruitment Costs$10,000 to $30,000
    • Employee Benefits Costs$10,000 to $50,000
    • Full-Stack TeamMay Be


    • Time to Start Project1 - 3 Months
    • ReliabilityLow
    • ScalabilityRisky
    • QualityLow
    • RiskHigh
    • Overhead Costs$0
    • Recruitment Costs$0
    • Employee Benefits Costs$0
    • Full-Stack TeamNo is revolutionary because we uniquely combine people, processes and innovation to help you build and maintain reliable, and scalable software efficiently. team comes with more than 22 years of solid technology background and successfully delivering more than 1,350+ software projects.

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