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    5 Things You Must Know Before You Hire A Mobile App Developer

    5 Things You Must Know Before You Hire A Mobile App Developer

    5 Things You Must Know Before You Hire A Mobile App Developer

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    Mobile phones have since evolved into more than just a communication device. In today’s digital technology era, various mobile applications have been essential in many businesses’ day-to-day operations. As a result, companies consider having mobile apps developed that will cater to their business operations needs. However, before coming up with a solution, it’s best to do your research on various mobile app development companies.

    Comscore has revealed that mobile users spend almost 90% of their time on mobile applications. And businesses have been benefiting in the way their brands grew from this trend. For example, entrepreneurs with an online store made it easier for their customers to purchase their products online through a mobile app, securely and efficiently. Mobile apps can also help build a personal connection between the business owner and the client, garnering more customer loyalty.

    However, these benefits are only achievable if you hire a mobile app developer that is experienced, competent, and able to turn your ideas into a working app. But how would you know if you’re going to hire the best app developer? What are the risks if you hired the wrong people?

    Why Should You Hire A Mobile App Developer

    Nowadays, mobile apps play a vital role when it comes to business growth and increased revenue. Launching a fully functional mobile app for your business will not be possible without a reliable mobile app developer. Sometimes, success comes at a cost, and investing in the right candidate can affect your business in positive ways.

    But then again, hiring the right developers is not an easy task, most especially if you are not a technical person. But those worries are over. Below are five things you must know before hiring an effective mobile app developer.

    1.    Experience, Portfolio, and Reputation


    This should be the first determining factor to look for. Check out previously completed projects to get an idea of how the developer works and if they are the perfect prospect for your project. There should be existing apps available for download. In addition to testing the apps, this can also be a way for you to check user reviews for those apps. Besides app stores, you can check other user reviews using search engines. Some users or companies provide more comprehensive reviews that discuss all the app’s pros and cons.

    Gathering all the insights from different users and from your own experience from testing the apps yourself can help you determine if the mobile app development company will be reliable and provide you with peace of mind. Looking past this first step can compromise your business and everything you have worked for.

    Another factor to look for is how they design their user interface. It’s important that the design and functionality go hand in hand. Giving clients a satisfying customer experience while using the app is crucial. After providing your input about what you want to achieve, ask them for their perspective, then let them explain how they will integrate all the ideas into one functional and user-friendly app.

    One more thing to look out for; you need to make sure that they have constant communication with their clients and actively read and respond to people’s feedback, suggestions, and complaints. That way, you’ll know that you can rely on their customer service if there is an issue down the road.

    2.    Expertise

    Ensuring that the developers you select will create the exact features and capabilities you want into your software is critical. They should be able to provide you with insight on the execution or recommend relevant structures to incorporate for you to maximize the app’s functionality. In addition, it’s best to verify how the application will align with other frameworks and business processes. The bottom line is that they need to know what they are doing, understand your ideas, and be able to implement them into a flawlessly working mobile app.

    However, your input should still be on a larger scale than theirs. After all, It’s your app, and it’s all your idea. Therefore, they should listen to you. No matter how good a mobile app developer is, they can never make a perfect app without your input. They can make suggestions, sure, but the main source of ideas should be you.

    Additionally, mobile development companies normally work on multiple projects at once. How can you be assured that they’ll be able to deliver their projects on time and with the best quality? Simple, you ask them. They should be able to provide a solution on how you’ll be able to oversee their development. They should also update you with every phase of the project to see if they are finishing right on time. This way, you’ll get to have an overview of their professionalism and efficiency.

    3.    Total Cost


    You can always consider the smallest bid, but will you get a fully functional app? You need to look at the bigger picture. Focus on your “total cost of ownership,” where you calculate your purchase’s overall cost, including direct and indirect costs.

    For business owners pursuing an app developer, you need to have an open budget. If there are monetary limitations, it can affect the developer’s work quality, thus giving you more problems than actual business solutions. When discussing the pricing, you have to have a clear understanding of the payment terms. It is also essential that you have an idea about some extra charges as well, so you’ll know what to expect.

    4.    Know Your Platform

    Apps do not limit themselves to just mobile phones. They should be able to run on different smart devices like tablets and various mobile operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS. A great mobile app developer can help materialize your ideas into an app that has cross-platform capability. This is crucial if you have a large market. Gaining the interest of potential clients depends on how well they can access the apps you provide, regardless of their device.

    You don’t need to go for a developer who can only create apps for one platform. This will give you the additional task of looking for other individuals who can convert your app into a cross-platform app. Hire a mobile app developer who can do everything, from the development to the distribution on every device possible. Less hassle with seamless execution, you don’t need to settle for one app with two different developers just to have it run on Android and iOS.

    5.    Communication

    This last one is the most important aspect for any kind of project or business relationship. You need to be kept updated on how the project is going, you’ve got to know if they are right on track, and you need to know if they are on schedule. A good developer will be able to communicate these things to you easily.

    Communication skills could indicate their level of commitment and reliability, and bad communication skills could mean disaster. A strong relationship is the key to success right from the start. If you feel like they are not active during the hiring process, then that should be a red flag. You’ll be able to read how interested they are in your ideas and your business. This can indicate how well they perform on the development phase of the project.

    If you don’t try to consider any of these indications, you might regret your decision at a later time. Any lack of communication can have an impact on your business. Getting the app done is one thing. You got what you want. Everything is running smoothly, then suddenly, a problem arises. But then, you can’t get in touch with the developer for a troubleshooting session. This is one of the scenarios that you should try to avoid in the future. Remember, communication is critical.

    It is entirely normal for apps to encounter bugs or need updates and new features from time to time. A reliable developer will guide you through the entire process once the app is finished in development. Releasing the app is usually handled by developers, and on-the-clock support is just appropriate for them to provide. You have to ask how they handle bugs and how they fix them to ensure that you’re covered in the future.

    Only Work With the Best

    Choosing the right mobile app developer can be a challenge, there are multiple choices out there, but if you have no idea about any of it beforehand, it can provide you the worst outcome and experience.

    The tips above can help you decide whether a developer is worth your attention or not. To help you with your dilemma, you can contact us, and we’ll provide you with a free consultation to discuss everything about your mobile app needs. We will also provide you with a no-obligation quote so you can have an idea of what to expect. Rest assured that we will provide you with the best service with our years of expertise and knowledge of all the latest trends in the digital world.


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