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    Our AI/ML Engineering Services

    We offer experienced AI/ML engineering services and expert AI/ML engineers to support your AI/ML projects, product development efforts, and internal teams.

    Generative AI - Custom LLMs (Large Language Models)
    Build, train, test, and optimize custom generative AI / LLMs to generate new content (text, images, software code, etc.) so you can transform your customer interactions and experiences, business processes, and service delivery.
    Custom Classifiers / Extractors
    Build, train, test, and optimize custom AI models used to classify and extract data and insight from your data. These models are trained to recognize patterns and distinguish between different classes or entities, allowing them to classify or extract specific features or attributes from various types of data, such as text, images, or audio.
    Computer Vision Solutions
    From digital pathology solutions to automated COVID test reading, and from AI image analysis of truck loads for load optimization to automated defect detection and classification on the factory floor, has the expertise you need to build innovative and transforming AI computer vision solutions.
    Open AI / Azure LLMs (GPT4, ChatGPT)
    Build custom AI/ML solutions cost-effectively utilizing commercially available LLMs from Open AI and others. Quickly integrate generative AI tools like Chat GPT into your software applications and business processes
    Advanced Recommendation Systems builds advanced recommendation systems to transform our client's up-sell/cross-sell opportunities and enhance their customers' digital experience. Recommendation engines leverage AI algorithms to analyze user preferences and behavior in order to provide personalized recommendations for products, services, or content.
    Speech and Audio Solutions
    Let build your AI solution to process and understand spoken words or audio streams. These solutions can perform tasks such as speech recognition, speaker identification, sentiment and emotion detection, speech synthesis, and audio analysis for applications like voice assistants, transcription services, or audio content analysis.
    Content analysis and Topic Modelling
    Let automate analysis of your customer interaction data with ML models and tools tailored and optimized to your customers, markets, and vertical industry.
    Goal Oriented Chatbots has been buliding and integrating Chatbots and other Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools into client solutions for almost a decade.
    AI Cybersecurity Solutions
    AI Cybersecurity Solutions use AI techniques to detect, prevent, and respond to cybersecurity threats. These solutions leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze network traffic, identify patterns of malicious activity, and protect against various forms of cyber attacks, such as malware, phishing, or intrusion attempts.

    Our AI/ML Operations Services

    Need ML Operations support? We offer cost-efficient and experienced ML Ops services and ML Ops specialists for all your ML Ops needs.

    AI Annotation and Labelling Services has the experienced ML Ops specialists needed to annotate or label the large amounts of data needed for ML model operations. From manual annotation to more efficient automated annotation using AI tools, we can help annotate your data for tasks like object detection, semantic segmentation, or sentiment analysis to accelerate the development and training of AI models.
    Data Privacy and Security
    We provide assistance to companies in safeguarding the privacy and security of their data during AI model development and deployment, by implementing effective data anonymization techniques that protect sensitive information while still allowing for meaningful analysis and model training.
    Model Quantization and Optimization Services
    We can help you improve and optimize your ML models for resource-constrained environments, such as edge devices or embedded systems, by reducing the memory footprint, computational complexity, and power consumption of models, while ensuring their efficient and reliable operation in real-world scenarios.
    Data Processing, Cleaning, and Generating Services
    From data pre-processing and cleaning to synthetic generation of additional test data, is your one stop shop for ML Ops data services.
    Model Deployment and Maintenance
    We can build, operate, and maintain your AI/ML infrastructure as well as continuouslyl improve and optimize your ML models.
    ML Ops Automation Services
    Let show you how you can automate your AI/ML operations for speed and scale.

    We have been building LLM-based AI solutions for almost a decade, including:

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    Case Studies Highlighting Projects in AI/ML

    Client Works Made with Love

    Client Works Made with

    Bay Area Concrete - Supply Chain Automation with AI
    Bay Area Concrete needed to transform how it managed its supply yard and movement of heavy construction loads to reduce wait times and optimize load sequencing.

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    Financial Services: Dashboards, Digital Transformation.
    Transforming and automating service delivery in insurance and financial services.

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    Healthcare: Process Automation, HIPAA Compliance, AI/ML, Dashboards, Analytics.  
    Transforming COVID-19 test processing and reporting using AI/ML.

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