Innovation and Transformation with AI


    Your Preferred Partner for Artifical Intelligence offers a broad portfolio of open source and commercial AI engineering and operations services.

    We can help you with:

    • Data / Insights Prediction and Forecasting
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Computer Vision Solutions
    • Recommendation Engines
    • Generative AI
    • Speech and Audio Solutions
    • Content Analysis and Topic Modelling
    • ML Ops Automation Services
    • Custom Classifiers / Extractors
    • Goal Oriented Chatbots
    • AI Annotation and Labelling Services
    • Model Quantization and Optimization Services
    • Data Processing, Cleaning, and Generating Services
    • Model Deployment and Maintenance

    Explore Our Latest Insights has built many AI/ML solutions, including these!

    Extract Insights from Your Unstructured Data

    A SaaS tool designed to allow non-data scientists to conduct sophisticated AI/ML data science quickly and easily, DeepText is the fastest content analysis tool available to extract valuable insights from unstructured data like customer reviews, customer feedback, chats, emails, social media commentary, transcripts of call center recordings, or any other form of text content. Built for sales, customer success, marketing and analytics teams. Understand what's inside communications with customers & employees with our easy-to-use AI platform.

    • Process different data sources (emails, chats, surveys, forms, social networks, etc.)
    • Analyze and gain insight relative to metadata, sentiment, topics, categories, etc.
    • Train your own Deep Learning models to find specific patterns and relationships inside your data
    • Measure KPIs relevant to your markets, customers, and industry vertical using our pre-trained ML models

    Annotation Tool

    Annotate your Text/ Images/Videos faster then ever

    Our Al-powered annotation tool helping you annotate images faster and better. The primary purpose of annotation apps is to add additional information, context, or metadata to the content, making it more understandable, searchable, and useful.

    Cancer ai

    Cancer AI

    Trained and optimized Digital Pathology ML models for tissue image analysis.

    License Plate

    License Plate Recognition

    License Plate Recognition is an image process technology which identifies the license plate Number from the Vehicle.


    Emotion Analysis

    Identify the emotion or sentiment being felt from image analysis of faces and body language.

    Face Attributes

    Face Attributes

    Identify attributes and characteristics from images of people, including age.

    Some Use Cases for AI in Your Business

    • Gain insight and make better decisions using machine learning models to analyze your data
    • Understand your customers' behaviors, choices, and preferences to better target them with the right products and services at the right time
    • Transform the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction by using Generative AI
    • Drive greater up-sell and cross-sell through AI/ML analysis and pattern recognition
    • Transform manufacturing and yard operations for greater safety, optimized throughput, and reduced costs using AI computer vision technology
    • Make more effective and accurate predictions from historical data and current conditions
    • Transform information security and office safety through AI/ML analysis of faces, biometric data, and movement
    • Analyze medical images and data to increase diagnosis accuracy

    Case Studies

    We deliver excellence by hiring and partnering with the best in the business.


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    Transforming and automating service delivery in insurance and financial services.

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    Imagine a world where people everywhere have access to the life-saving drugs they need to fight diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

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