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    How To Create Artificial Intelligence That Your Customers Will Love

    How To Create Artificial Intelligence That Your Customers Will Love

    How To Create Artificial Intelligence That Your Customers Will Love

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    Artificial intelligence sounds scary upfront, especially if you don’t know what it actually means. However, artificial intelligence is a key pillar for the optimum digital transformation of your business.

    Artificial intelligence can be tied to customer service. An effective customer service system is \ key to the success of any business, because your business wouldn’t function if it weren’t for your customers. You can guarantee an ongoing healthy relationship with your customers if they have good experience with your brand’s customer service.

    On the other hand, if your clients have bad experiences with your customer service, you can guarantee that not only will you lose their business, you will also lose their referrals or any other clients, as word will spread.

    Technological advancements paved the way for improving great customer relations, and here’s what incorporating artificial intelligence can do for you and your business:

    AI Can Be Available 24/7

    Studies have shown that a majority of people expect answers within 30 minutes of their query, even at night and on weekends or holidays – but no human can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is where AI comes in and helps your business. It’s no longer enough for your business to provide just a service – it has to provide a reliable and efficient customer experience. AI chatbots are a great tool to integrate into your business model to provide service that humans simply can’t do if you want it to run 24/7.

    This also allows you to answer your customer’s queries quickly. In this fast-paced era, you want your brand to provide quicker, better service than your competitors. Your customers don’t need to wait for regular business hours just to get in touch with a representative, and getting a quick response will greatly improve positive notions towards your brand.

    AI Can Help Your Live Support, Too

    During busy days, your live support will most likely be overwhelmed by the volume of people with complicated queries. This is where your AI chatbots are of great help. They can provide assistance especially when issues are minor and can be easily solved. When issues get complicated, your AI chatbots are able to quickly determine and transfer your customers over to live agents who will be able to help them out.

    In a way, your AI acts as a reliever. Not only are your customers happy, but so are your employees.

    AI Is Always “Happy”

    Piggybacking on the idea that you want your customers to have only the best experience is the fact that artificial intelligence doesn’t “get upset”. It’s impossible for our live customer service representatives to be happy all the time — do you remember a time when you had a particularly bad experience with a rep that led you to cease all relations and interactions with that business company?

    At least with AI, you can rest assured that they are always smiling and accommodating.

    AI Can Be Automated Over Messaging Apps

    Most of your customers will be using some sort of messaging app. It’s best to integrate AI into your messaging service as this is an easier method for clients than picking up the phone to call customer service or browsing through your website. Aside from answering basic queries, you can also incorporate interactive forms that your customers can fill in to generate leads and/or sales.

    AI Can Help with Self-help

    Customers want you to give them a way in which they can help themselves, and AI is a great way to solve this concern. Customers nowadays are mostly impatient and want answers fast. Instead of waiting in line to get in touch with customer service, they prefer finding their own solutions to issues using self-help technology.

    Chatbots are perfect for self-service, and they are rarely incapable of helping out. If your self-help feature is fairly easy to use and effective, this drives a lot of engagement to your website and encourages repeat traffic. It increases the customer’s time spent on your website and brand rapport, too.

    AI Is Able to Better Understand Your Customers

    You may be surprised at how sometimes Amazon (or any other e-commerce store) knows exactly what you want to buy based on the history of your browsing activity. AI can also make predictions on what your customers might want to see, which makes for a great customer journey and might improve your business sales overall.

    AI and machine learning can gain a good understanding of your customers. This is because it gathers and analyzes social, historical, and behavioral data to continuously learn and improve to be able to better anticipate customer behavior.

    This allows your brand to provide highly relevant content and improve the customer journey. AI has the potential to help businesses connect with customers on a more personal level, increasing trust and affinity.

    AI Collects Valuable Data

    AI collects valuable data from clients that are extremely helpful to transform and boost your brand. This means more personalized recommendations and customizable web design to suit each customer’s needs. This level of personalization will improve your customer’s interaction with your brand, engagement level, and might even result in repeat business and higher conversions.

    AI Reduces Operating Costs

    Integrating automations and chatbots in your business operations streamlines processes and functions to improve productivity and efficiency. AI can handle high workloads that humans won’t be able to. This reduces the chance of errors and increases security. This, in turn, manages your production costs while still upholding high quality output.

    Final Thoughts

    They say that AI might replace humans soon, but we couldn’t disagree more. Rather, we believe that AI and humans are complementary to each other, working hand-in-hand, supplementing strengths where the other is weak. Humans can’t stay up 24/7 to answer queries, but chatbots can. Humans can’t remember much, but AI can. And humans can offer sincere emotions, but chatbots can’t.

    Integrating AI into your customer service is an effective way to deliver an efficient customer service experience.


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