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    Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

    Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

    Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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    The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is upon us. The global pandemic drastically changed consumer behavior, rapidly accelerating long-term trends in a matter of weeks. Almost instantly, companies without machine learning (ML) and AI expertise found themselves in need of digital services to fulfill orders, answer inquiries, or find new markets.

    AI is the best thing since sliced bread—it can help your business thrive during these challenging times. Find out how such services can help different aspects of your business.

    Competitive Intelligence

    Using AI can help you conduct competitive intelligence, research, and analysis. Now, it’s easier to collect and analyze information about your competitors, industry, and business environment. With consumers’ ever-evolving needs, you can be ahead of the competition by making informed decisions.

    Sales and Marketing

    If you haven’t digitized your sales and marketing efforts yet, you’re already behind. ML and AI have the power to develop sales and marketing strategies based on consumer needs and habits.

    By using advanced digital techniques, you can segregate potential customers in different stages of the sales funnel to create customized marketing plans for them. Retargeting is one of the most cost-efficient techniques you can use with the help of AI.

    Customer Relations

    Chatbots have helped many companies thrive during the pandemic. With the increased digital demands of consumers, you need to be available to them. Chatbots can help you in that aspect; think of a chatbot as a sales or customer representative who can work 24/7.

    Additionally, AI can help you enhance your contact centers. Your contact centers receive a lot of consumer information that you can use to learn more about your customers, predict their intent, and improve your products and services.


    Using AI can help you track shipments more accurately. Later on, with the help of ML, you can analyze historical shipping patterns by taking into consideration the weather and the seasonality of your products.

    Having automated delivery scheduling can help you predict problems before they happen. With AI, you can make the necessary adjustments to always get your products to your customers in time.

    Finance and Accounting

    AI can free your accountants, finance managers, and business executives of highly-repetitive tasks such as compiling reports, reconciling transactions, and updating financial data. With AI on your side, your team can focus on high-level activities such as fraud detection, funds allocation, and maintaining financial control.

    Demand Forecasting

    Proper demand forecasting will allow you to set inventory levels, price your products correctly, and predict future growth. AI can reduce forecasting errors by 50%, making products available and reducing lost sales by 65%.


    Cybersecurity is not only crucial for financial companies—several industries like retail, automotive, and consumer products should also observe the practice. The bigger your digital business gets, the more your risk of cyberattacks increases.

    Cyberspace threats include identity theft, account takeovers, and vindictive ransomware strains. You can protect your company with powerful AI software that offers network security, phishing detection, prevention control, and more.

    AI Can Be Helpful to Any Business

    Using machine learning and artificial intelligence can help your company power through the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. If you missed your chance to be part of the internet and mobile revolutions, don’t miss out on the AI revolution. You have to take the necessary steps to meet your consumers’ ever-evolving demands.


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